Top 3 The Best Knowledge Base Software for 2015

The knowledge base software would give many benefits for those of you who run business in this field. In this era, where everything need to be done faster, the organization need the database that can assist the users when they want to know something. That way, it will engage the users with the provider and make contact by delivering information. During this time, there are plenty options of this software that can be chosen because it’s available in open-source, freeware, or even the internal. In the field of business, this software is very benefit as the customer help information so they can understand and closer to your product.knowledgebase software

On this page, I will reveal some of the software that also nominated in the best knowledge based software for 2015. If you are planning to use one of this knowledgebase software, then it can be a new reference for you.

  1. eXo Platform

If you are looking for open-source software that can connect your customer, employees and the developers at the same time, then you can choose the eXo Platform that will give you the freedom to interact with all of them. Starting at price $ 3,00 per user, you can keep in touch with all of them in one platform and have easy to use dashboard.

  1. Zendesk

This software is also the name of IT Company that provides various softwares such as management software, help desk software and also the knowledge based software. It is different than eXo because it’s the cloud based software that will give you less cost because you don’t need another server. It will make it easier to interact with the customer in live chat, phone, and also use social media to solve the problems.

  1. Novo Knowledge Base Software

It doesn’t matter whether you run small or large business because the focal point at this stage is consumer’s satisfaction. The Novo has launched its advanced knowledge base software that will assist the interaction between your customer service and consumer easily, faster, and cheaper. The best part about this software is because you can get free trial before you decide to purchase it.

Those are the top three knowledgebase software that is recommended for you. I think that you can choose one of those platforms with various base-system and reasonable price. Make sure you give the best experience to your customer so they will engage to your business with the best knowledge base software for 2015.